Friday, December 23, 2011

North Bilgola Lookout

This is my destination when I go for a morning walk along The Serpentine to North Bilgola Lookout.

Looking south toward Sydney - 35km away.

Looking north to Bangalley Head at Avalon. Note that some lowlife has stolen the brass plate with all the topographic features on it.


  1. You do live in a great part of the world. Beautiful....

  2. Beautiful place. So sad that there are those who will steal things that belong to everyone.

  3. *Shakes her head is disbelief* ...

    When you say Sydney is 35kms away, do you mean the heads? But surely as the crow flies, over the water, the heads are not THAT far away ... are they? Seems like an awfully long way.

  4. That's beautiful. Great light.

  5. Julie, yes you are correct, it is 31.56km as the crow flies from Avalon PO to the GPO in Sydney. It just seems 35km. (40km by road)

  6. Golly, I had no idea it was that far. Not being a driver any more, increasingly I am keeping to the area around the harbour.


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