Monday, December 26, 2011

Captain Arthur Phillip

In 1788, this man, Arthur Phillip, captain of the First Fleet, aged 49 years, raised the flag for England and christened Sydney Cove. His nose, seen in shadow, was described as a 'French philosopher's nose'. The son of a German schoolteacher he rose through the ranks to become a founder of this nation and the first Governor. He was plagued by problems in the early colony and returned to England after 4 years into obscurity. His life unbearable, an invalid, rolled through an upper storey window in his wheelchair to his death.
Here he is placed, hidden from sight on Manly's Corso, in an alcove on an upper floor of a residential development, he is looking South towards the place he was speared by an Aboriginal.


  1. He is hiding ... I've never noticed him.

  2. Interesting adornment for an apartment block.

  3. Nice shot! Godo to see we are still commemorating our history.


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