Monday, December 12, 2011

No 1 Bligh Street

Sydney's newest skyscraper, very environmentally friendly I'm told.

Located at the corner of Bent and O'Connell Streets at the top of the broad curving steps of 1 Bligh's entrance is a new public artwork titled 'Day In, Day Out', created by Australian artist James Angus.

'The sculpture is a complex network of three-dimensional ellipsoidal surfaces drawn from shapes expressed in the design of the building. The form is enhanced by a brightly painted colour scheme which traces the underlying geometry.'

I think that means its funky. Any thoughts?


  1. I wanna go and visit Sydney!:D It looks so great in your pics!

  2. It's funky all right! ;) Very different. I wonder how long it will be those colors before someone decides to "modernize" it and change the colors.

  3. I like the colours. I also like the shapes AND I like the way the height is emphasised. I was down that area yesterday, but was not enough of a sticky beak. Will rectify that before Chrissie, if this dang-blasted weather every doddles off elsewhere.

    BTW, whomsoever wrote that twaddle, has been reading too many wine bottles.

  4. The shapes remind me of ball point pens or cigars... lol!

  5. Very 70s or at least that's what those colours say to me. Only recently heard that the building was finished, a couple of people have said its really worth a look inside. Must try and get out and about a bit during the Christmas shutdown.

  6. Agree Ann 1970s colours, unsure Steffe of material, Julie yes creative writing award for bad description.

  7. I like it!

    congrats on your blog and greetings from Spain,

  8. It's cool! Have not been there yet. Thanks for showing it.

  9. Great photo of it. Looks good but reminds me of vitamin pills for some reason...


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