Thursday, December 29, 2011

Commonwealth War Cemetery Portianos Lemnos Greece

This cemetery is located on the small beautiful Greek Island of Lemnos in the North-west Aegean, close to the Turkish mainland. In 1915 this island was used as the base for the Gallipoli campaign.
Enclosed by a stone wall, it is immaculately tended by a local farmer. The cemetery was designed by Scottish architect, Sir John Burnet. Inside lie soldiers from UK (261), Australia (50), NZ (29), Newfoundland (3), and Canada (2).

Here is a 'Then and now' not by me but from here.

This is part of a new blog project. Julie's Taphophile Tuesday's Have a look here.


  1. A fascinating contribution to the meme Peter. I find war cemeteries heart breakingly beautiful with so many identical headstones carefully tended.

  2. Those now and then photo is very special.

  3. That's a fascinating 'Then and Now" photo.

  4. Wow! What an excellent contribution to the meme, Peter. Certainly worth waiting for! I have often wanted to go to either Turkey or The Western Front for ANZAC Day. Not sure I will ever get to do it. In the meantime, your shots of the Lemnos Cemetery will fill the void.

    Now tell me, how did you superimpose one photo over the other?

  5. Love that 'then and now' shot!
    I am always impressed by the caretaking of these war graves in foreign lands.


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