Friday, December 30, 2011

Department of Agriculture Building

Department of Agriculture Building, this is the southern end of the Department of Education Building. Designed by Government architect George MacRae. Made of yellow sandstone from quarries in Pyrmont, Ultimo, the Sydney CBD, Paddington, Bondi and Maroubra.
The second stage was built between 1928 and 1930. The palms in the forecourt are Cabbage Tree Palms, native but not original. Great material for the early settlers and convicts who wove the sinewy fronds into straw hats.


  1. This is a lovely image of a city building. Those palms are very tall.

  2. Never realised it was Dept of Ag. Only ever known it as the Ed Dept. building.

  3. There is an iconic (emblematic??) building in Rome from where Musolinni was photographed receiving the plaudits of "his' people somewhere in the '30s. Buildings like this, always remind me of that spew-inducing scene. Something to do with the balcony. Somewhere near the Victor Emmanuel monument - that square/roundabout vicinity.

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