Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taking a dip

The place to be, at the moment, is by the sea. Hot summer days, water temperature is 24 degrees. Remember to Slip, slop and slap.

Slip .. on a shirt.
Slop ... on some sunscreen.
Slap .... on a hat.


  1. I rarely go to the seaside nowadays. Although I do enjoy an early morning walk along the sand.

  2. Yes it looks appealing, but it is a long time since we swam in the ocean.
    Great photo.

  3. I love the ocean but its far too hot for me at the beach right now. Can't remember the last time I went to the beach. Probably a photo class at Coogee last winter.

  4. Perfect weather for it, with scorching heat today and yesterday.

  5. I was so hot today it had me thinking about the beach ... better than the cold blowy week we had there before Christmas.

  6. YAY! Love the heat, love the sea, love your pics! Send some of the degrees 'C to someone who is still on the Yellow Brick Road and who has not yet reached the Emerald City :-))


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