Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anzac Bridge

Here are the twin supports for the cable-stayed ANZAC Bridge, guarding the Western approaches are statues of an Australian and New Zealand soldiers. It spans Johnsons Bay and was opened in 1995. I have also heard it referred to as 'Madonna's Bra'.
Sunday Bridges


  1. The 'Madonna's Bra' name gained such great currency that they quickly had to come up with the ANZAC name. Originally it had been something else that had no resonance whatsoever. Cannot remember what. Shall google. Hang on a tick ...

  2. Ahha ... it replaced the old Glebe Island Bridge and originally was given that name 'Glebe Island Bridge'.

    Once the word ANZAC was used, the slang 'mb' disappeared over-night.

  3. cable-stayed bridges are elegant. great shot!

  4. The Anzac Bridge name has certainly stuck.

  5. hee hee....
    Madonna's bra, indeed! Not having a particularly high opinion of Madonna, but holding the ANZAC troops in high regard, «Louis» gives his salute to the ANZAC name.

    Several bakeries here in the San Francisco Bay Area sell ANZAC cookies. Most people here have no clue as to the significance of the name or how the cookies came about. «Louis» is always happy to give a little history lesson...

  6. This is a wonderful shot...such pretty hues in it. The composition so interesting. The angle of it in this shot and the muted light in back of it make for such a fascinating look. Very nice.


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