Friday, January 28, 2011

Hyde Park


  1. Interesting you got a good pic there without a crowd in the background, Peter.
    You got around all the good spots for Australia Day.

  2. Whose wussy colours are they, though?? Or is that a valiant attempt at red, white and blue?

    And I'm not sure that I like that representation of Australia. It looks like all the power and the glory is down in the SE corner with the rest of the country flowing down towards us. Not good imagery, IMHO.

    Not to criticise you or your photo, Peter. Arrgghhhh!!! ... where is my other foot?

  3. Where are the people? Must have been very early. Can't say I've taken any notice of the logo. I'm over all the marketing, its all about "Brand Australia" these days. Brand everything. Getting even more cynical in my old age.

  4. I'd say that was either the day before or the day after the concert.

  5. Well spotted Jim, the day before early in the morning.


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