Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sailing ship in harbour

It is good to see sailing ships still in the harbour, The Southern Swan, built of Danish Oak and apparently Sydney's only authentic tall ship. Lieutenant James Cook first visited Sydney in 1770, of course he did not come into Sydney Harbour but sailed right by.


  1. This is the 'Southern Swan', Peter.

    This makes 4 of us doing the SHB today.
    The old girl is etched deeply into our psyche.

  2. Thanks Julie, I have amended my post. As for the SHB I guess it is hard to ignore.

  3. Is that what she is, saw one from Garden Island the other day but didn't know which one it was, probably this one.

  4. This would be perfect for a link on the 'Sunday Bridges' meme.

  5. Your Sydney Harbour bridge is as iconic to Sydney as the Golden Gate is to San Francisco. «Louis» thanks you for your contribution to Sunday Bridges.


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