Thursday, May 27, 2010

Town Hall

Plenty of grey skies in Sydney at the moment, I took this shot from Kinokunia bookstore of the Sydney Town Hall. Later I noticed the reflection of the woman in the bottom left hand corner


  1. The hand was the first thing I noticed!

  2. This is a great intersection for people watching. Never thought of capturing it from that perspective.

  3. Like in Brisbane, the town hall, once the tallest building in town is now overshadowed by the buildings surrounding it. That's progress.

  4. Ah yes, I could tell your vantage point ... that bookshop is a favourite of mine. We got rain at last yesterday ... I'm happy.

  5. I like the grey skies and building contrasted against the red banners. And, the whole place looks so clean!

  6. Steffe, you must have a better eye than me.
    Thanks Julie, it is a great intersection especially when everyone is crashing into one another!
    Bill, I guess it is better than the opposite and a decaying city.
    Thanks Jim.
    Joan, glad the rain made it up to the mountains - lots on the coast here.
    Thanks Ilse, the rain does make it sparkle when the sun returns.

  7. Great photos. Is that what the Town Hall looks like now? I will have to go back and see for myself.


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