Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feeding the seagulls

A Saturday outing is not complete without sitting down with your friends for some lunch, the seagulls can be a bit insistent to be fed, I usually wait to the end so I don't encourage a whole flock, what do you do?


  1. I make them wait and give them what I'm too full to eat. Throw it out bit by bit and let them jump and squabble.

    I only ever feed sea gulls which seem to have cast iron stomachs ... other native birds I let nature feed rather than make them ill or dependant.

  2. Thats the trouble making them dependent and it can't be too good for some natives

  3. I toss them the chips that are not crunchy just to get them off my patch of paper.

    I like the lady in the middle whose feet don't reach the ground. I know just how she feels.

  4. yes the bench is a bit high, yes and i like the crunchy chips too

  5. Great photo! Love the line of old women with their mouths open!


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