Monday, May 31, 2010

Food head

How did this happen, checking through my shots taken from a well known food outlet, on another rainy Sydney day, the image of what is on her mind is there. When I am really hungry I sometimes feel this way - must have food!


  1. What I can do, but which is more difficult. Pretty cool reflection of someone taking their purchases to their table.

    More of the same weather today, I gather.

  2. And I haven't even had breakfast yet.

  3. This is neat, but I'm confused. I've sat here and stared at it - is the girl carrying the umbrella?

  4. Very clever. Serendipitous accident, or intentional.

  5. Bruce, I wouldn't recommend this place for breakfast.
    T. Yes she is carrying the umbrella, had to see as she was mvoing and it is taken through a window.
    Thanks Luis.
    Ann - a fluke of course.

  6. I got day off today and I am waiting for the rain shot in Melbourne. But it's none.
    By the way, I love your rain shot with a big bag of food : )

  7. I see it's still raining down in Sydney. Just keep it there, we've had enough during summer.

  8. Thanks Boom and Go.
    Bill, I thought your dams need filling, ours is still only 50% full.

  9. Great fluke. I like shots that surprise me with good results when I download them.

    And thanks for the feature link ... much appreciated.


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