Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Martin Place Fountain

This neat little fountain is at the top of Martin Place near Macquarie St. My research skills have let me down as I was unable to find any information about it.


  1. I know this fountain well but I don't know if there's any story behind it.
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  2. I thought I left a comment on this the other day. Must have gotten impatient with the capcha thingy.

    It is called 'Passages' and was installed in 2001 for the Sydney Sculpture Walk. It is meant to signify the water that was used in the rear of the terraces that had occupied this section of Macquarie St until they were pulled down in the mmm ... not sure ... pulled down to enable Martin Place to go right through from George to Macquarie. Many years after that it was made into a pedestrian mall. Annoys me that I have forgotten the dates for those two things. Now I have to go and look it up.

  3. The terraces were all demolished by the mid '30s and Martin Place was closed to traffic in 1971.


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