Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sydney Festival First Night

Last night was the opening night of the Festival of Sydney.
It was a great night to stroll around amongst happy crowds watching entertainment all over the city. I walked through Hyde Park first and caught a DJ on the big bus, people were dancing all around, as you can see young and old. The guy with the dragon tattoo was really groovin'.


  1. Haha...oh yes, it looks like he's really into the whole thing:)
    Looks like a ton of fun. SO did you get out there and "groove"?:))

  2. Looks like you got there fairly early. It was packed when I arrived. Interesting but there have been better years.

  3. I went to the AG-NSW which was also packed, but was the best time I have had at the Festival First Night, and I think I have been to each one of them. Although crowded, it was manageable and the entertainment was my style.

  4. This DJ on the bus was a good idea.


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