Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mona Vale Cemetery 2

This small plaque was attached to a rock on the edge of the cemetery. Some cicada shells attached.

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  1. Now, there HAS to be a sad story to this renewed plaque. Perhaps a grieving parent who has never forgotten. We have three (that I know of) infant deaths in our family, and it is tempting to erect a simple memorial to their final resting place. I know where two of them are anonymously interred.

    Peter please check the link you have left on the Taphophile Tragics linky page. It did not work for me and I had to arrive here using my Sydney Eye link.

    Many thanks for your continuing support of Taphophile Tragics. I value your contribution.

  2. This is very curious - who was this (baby) Arthur that he gets such a marker? and why was it moved and a new one erected? and why did the engraver feel the need to write in that it was a burial site of 'the late...'?

  3. This marker begs so many questions! Perhaps moved to be with family who died later? So much effort for a 2 day old baby who died! I am sure the story here must be fascinating!

  4. Particularly interested in those cicada shells.

  5. Jim!! You are a peasant!!

    Sanna: I did not pick up 'the late' ... what a hoot!

  6. Peter: re my post on Sydney Eye. Here is my response.

    Peter, I need more info on this please. Down near the MCA is where the Tank Stream empties into the harbour (actually beneath the didge players!). And about there, sort of where the SMH animal sculpture is, is the location of the first army encampment/gaol. So it makes sense that they hung 'em and flung 'em. But as for an unofficial 'graveyard' ... sources please!

  7. Oh dear I am a peasant too ... I think the cicada shells make the image.


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