Friday, January 27, 2012


The year was 1836 and the Governor of NSW was Richard Bourke. This convict built building is testimony to the skill of these wretches.
"Appalled by the excessive punishments doled out to convicts, Bourke initiated 'The Magistrates Act', which simplified existing regulations and limited the sentence a magistrate could pass to fifty lashes (previously there was no such limit)."
Only 50!
Where is this building in Sydney? Answer tomorrow.


  1. Is it one of the buildings at Darlinghurst gaol, now East Sydney College?

  2. Sorry Jim, Nope.
    Clue, within a 2km radius from Circular Quay.

  3. Drats! I do not have enough bandwidth to even display this image! Woe is me! Hang on ... hang on ... an image is slowly creeping down the page ...

    Ahha ... it is the Powder Magazine on Goat Island.


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