Thursday, January 5, 2012

Palm Beach Surf Lifesavers

Just off the pool there is a rip current which catches many unsuspecting swimmers. It is not too strong today but here are two pair of 'clubbies' who are supposed to be keeping watch. The females at the other end seem to be more alert.


  1. I have to agree that those 2 females do seem to look more alert as compared to the 2 guys who look like any other swimmers out there at the beach. Well, luckily the current that hit all of the visitors were just a small one and nothing serious to get worried about. Nevertheless, I think every individual should keep a lookout for their own safety. You cannot expect a mere group of 3-4 ‘clubbies’ to stay alert for an entire group of 50-odd swimmers. Here in Gold Coast, every man for himself.

  2. I'd be scared to go swimming anywhere where the lifeguard on duty is caught sun tanning instead of actually being on watch for someone struggling in the water! Best keep the swimmers in storage if you don't want to drown at one of those beaches!


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