Thursday, November 24, 2011

Water on The Corso

Fill up your water bottles here. A great idea for all those who are attached to their plastic water bottle.

This was taken on a recent visit to Manly Beach.
I reckon it is a better beach than its rival across the harbour, Bondi Beach.
- you can arrive by ferry
- the relaxing walk along The Corso from the ferry to the beach
- the Norfolk Island Pines
- the Steyne Hotel


  1. Looks like a collision of 2 worlds...

    that's a beautiful building in the background!

  2. agree, it has more of a holiday feel to it...

  3. It reminds me too of a holiday destination when I visit.

  4. Plenty of water inside and outside the bottles at the moment. Looks like the weekend is going to be rainy too ... it't back to a log fire here tonight it's got so chilly.

  5. Beautiful place, I visited there in July! :-) Had a lovely lunch with my friends just around the corner to the right. What a great idea to provide drinking water like that!


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