Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jacaranda Time

Summer is almost here when the Jacaranda's bloom, they should be Sydney's tree - it is a shame they come from Brazil.

Q. Where is Sydney's best Jacaranda.
A. Stay tuned for my vote, and it is not the one in today's blog.

This one is in the main quad at Sydney Uni.


  1. One of my favorite trees!! Yes, they are native to Brazil.... they grow wild, all over the place there. So glad that Australia appreciates them too.

  2. Ooo this is an interesting concept. The best jacaranda ... i went on the North Shore line yesterday but the trains were all stuffed up so I did not get as far as Killara where there are some beauties ... I will go check out the jacks along Vic Barracks ...

  3. Love jacarandas, the ones near me aren't quite there yet but don't think they would make Sydney's best. Must take a look at the ones in Hyde Park.

  4. They do look great. Waiting to see your best.

  5. Now this is a photo of the jacaranda clothed in the right look for the season. It will be a couple of months before they flower up here. I am always pleased that they flower for Christmas here whereas they all done in Sydney by then.

  6. SO ... here's a go ... for the month of NOvember ... random postings of Jacks around the town etc ... sometimes not even as the main point of the post ... are you with me? ... and then on 30 Nov ... we each assess and come up with the 'best' jack in sydney ... whadyaregon? ... shall I email the group?

    Best defined as ... most pleasing shape ... most purple cover ...


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