Monday, April 25, 2011


Today in Australia is ANZAC Day.
Inside the ANZAC memorial in Hyde Park. This sculpture is entitled Sacrifice.

"This is the central motif of the Memorial's design.

'Thousands of women, although not directly engaged in war activities, lost all that was dear them - sons they has borne and reared, husbands, fathers of their children, friends, lovers.

There was no acknowledgement of them in casualty lists of wounded, maimed and killed. They endured all men's sacrifice quietly'.

'In this spirit I have shown them, carrying their load, the sacrifice of their menfolk.'

Sacrifice is a shift away from the rhetoric of honour, glory and manly deeds manifested in earlier memorials - Hoff had seen too much of war to glorify it." From the AWM website.


  1. Beautiful...Thank you so much for sharing this Peter.
    Have a glorious Easter!

  2. What a lovely shot of this very moving sculpture.


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