Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Emden Gun

Another reminder of WW1, it points up Oxford Street.

This gun was from the Emden a German warship in World War I. The Emden was a successful raider in the Indian Ocean and was run aground by her captain to prevent her from sinking, after engaging the HMAS Sydney at the Battle of Cocos Island. In 1917, a 105 mm gun from Emden was installed as a monument. It only lists the officers on the HMAS Sydney, I guess there were too many crew to fit on the memorial.

The second HMAS Sydney was lost with all hands, 645 sailors, in WWII off Western Australia in a battle with another German Raider the Kormoran. Amazingly both were found in 2008.


  1. There are some good canon and artillery in HP, but I do not like the way they have renovated this intersection. It is ugly, busy and mean spirited.

    Got a box? Clover ...!!

  2. Have never really noticed these but then again I've never done a photo walk in that part of town.

  3. I've found this one is difficult to photograph. I like this perspective.


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