Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Deli

"I'm just going to pop down the deli for some devon."
Could anyone try to translate this please.


  1. Just going to the corner store to buy some lunch meat for sandwiches.

  2. This is a lovely little Deli- I would forget about the Devon and buy a pretty bunch of those gorgeous flowers!! We don't have devon in South Australia but we do have fritz - a sort of relation!!

  3. At school we used to joke that Devon was made from the leftover meat scraps at the butcher shop mixed with sawdust from the butcher shop floor. :P

  4. Seems to me the Deli's is owned by Dutch Immigrants, isn't it?

  5. Right on Rosie!
    Diane, Fritz mmm.. I think we changed to Devon in 1914-18.
    Jim - lots of Fibre.
    and Tim why do you say that?


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