Monday, August 9, 2010

Skin Deep

There is a trendy shop on Elizabeth Street with some interesting gear. It has a obscure name too. There are lots of films/songs called Skin Deep but the I guess it is from The Stranglers song Skin Deep:
Sometimes it's tougher to look than to leap
Better watch out for the Skin Deep.

What does it mean?


  1. Hah! I looked in this very window yesterday on the way to the tram museum down in Loftus. It reminds me very much of my favourite shop window in Paddington which is looking resplendent at the moment!

    'Skin deep' could simply refer to clothing ... but I like to hunt deeper too. I must go up and get a photo of MFSW up there on Oxford St. Mine is a 'gay' window - I wonder if this one just may be too. The dummies in your window are those gorgeous throw-backs to the '40s.

  2. Love this shot. Great window and so many things happening.

  3. I always walk past this shop to get my afternoon coffee and there's always something interesting in the window or shop to attract my attention.

  4. Maybe it's 'beauty is only skin deep'?

  5. Julie and Victor - you may be right!
    I am not familiar with that store Julie. You will have to post it.
    Agree Jim, always a good display.

  6. Interesting shot. I think Victor is right about the name.

  7. I was trying to decide whether the reflections obscure or enhance the image. I decided on the latter.

  8. Nice reflection shot. I like the CD coat displayed or are they bagels?


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