Monday, August 30, 2010

Reserve bank Sculpture

This unusual sculpture is at the front of the Reserve Bank. The Reserve Bank is at the top (Macquarie Street end) of Martin Place. According to the RBA website: In September 1961, the governor of the Reserve Bank, Dr H.C.Coombs,announced an Australia-wide competition for artists and sculptors todesign a freestanding sculpture, a mural wall design for the entrance foyer and a formal garden. The American born artist Margel Hinder was awarded the commission for the sculpture, and her copper and steel artwork is a significant example of Australian modernist abstraction

The plaque notes, besides title and artist, that it was sculpted in 1964, "assisted by Frank Lumb and Frank Hinder".


  1. There is another of her sculptures in the park opposite the town hall in Newcastle.

    Each time I walk past this I think of an economy in meltdown.

  2. I've noticed it but don't like it all that much. The one that used to spray mist up that end of town was fun.

  3. One day I want to get this with strong shadows and try it in mono. Its never quite the right light, or if it is I don't have the camera.


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