Thursday, February 28, 2013

Always was Always will be.

Always was, always will be. Part of the Streetware program by artist Reko Rennie. "In his work, Rennie uses geometric diamonds, referencing his associations to north-western NSW and the traditional markings of the Kamilaroi people. Reko Rennie collaborated with Cracknell and Lonergan Architects to realise the artwork in this public context and at this large scale. This artwork will use fluoro paints applied to the 1-5 Flinders Street building, a former Commonwealth Bank, built in 1910." Streetware.


  1. I remember seeing this (how could I not haha!) when I was over last time Peter, looks fantastic in these shots.

  2. I love the fluoro paints, that would wake up my morning commute! Wonder if that's why the sidewalk cost $100K, haha.


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