Saturday, November 17, 2012

Southern Cross Artwork (Reposted)

Australia has adopted this constellation of stars as one of our symbols. This hangs inside the Mitchell library. "The Mitchell Library's Vestibule has a stunning new contemporary glass sculpture created by the designer of the State Library's Nelson Meers Foundation Heritage Collection exhibition, Jon Hawley. Private benefactor, the late Dr Bruce Reid, AM, funded the sculpture, the concept for which is based on the earliest depiction of the stars of the Southern Cross, a woodcut engraving of 1516 by Andrea Corsali. The sculpture enhances the great architectural and historical features of the vestibule of the Mitchell Library. Its design provides a twenty-first century interpretation of one of the great symbols of Australian identity while alluding to enduring associations of our history and culture." State library website. Last time I posted this the settings were wrong- my fault.


  1. Alas, I couldn't see the photo clearly (I think something's been wrong with my Chrome browser) but I love the description from the Mitchell library site.

  2. Doesn't display properly in Explorer either. Click on the photo to open it.


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