Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nippers at Turimetta Beach

While the nippers are at the beach the parents are in the cafe, I recommend the crispy bacon and fried egg roll on a fresh sesame seed bun. Only $6.50.


  1. That sounds like heartburn in a bun.

  2. Oh, that sounds nice, lethally good.

  3. This is not turimetta. Its warriewood

  4. I was down at Warriewood beach yesterday, at the sound end, the end that shares a headland with Turimetta beach. I saw the sign labelled "Turimetta Head", not far from where this photo was taken, and thought to myself - that insolent fool.

    How about in the future, instead of jumping to conclusions, do some goddamn research. Everyone knows that the northern beaches generally have very distinct headlands with a beach on either side, and it is the northern headland which is named after the beach.


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