Monday, March 7, 2011

Last days of summer

The weather is turning - all of a sudden it seems autumnal- that different light. Here is a sign confirming it.


  1. Seems so strange to read that sign. Because we have had snow (and our winter) for the last 5 months, I forget what summer is.
    I bet your fall is beautiful!

  2. I can't quite work out what they're selling but it's a great shopfront with those leadlight windows.

  3. Great shot--I too was saying to myself "Huh". But it did dawn on me that you are opposite of the seasons up here. I'm glad we have spring and summer coming up shortly. Mickie

  4. Dawn, I like our fall but Sydney is so temperate that we don't get as dramatic change as you.
    Jim - no idea either.

  5. Here we have last days of winter ;)

    best regards


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