Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grotesque at University

This is a small grotesque in the main quad at Sydney Uni.


  1. Yes! I'll agree with that very grotesque - but great photo.

  2. I love the photo, too. The university is dotted with these. There is a book about them somewhere. I love that main quad - but I worked there for four years, so I would say that wouldn't I? I believe that is the Mandy Rice-Davies defence.

  3. Well quoted Julie, had me rushing to Wiki:
    Well, he would, wouldn't he.

    * 28 June 1963, appearing as a witness in the trial of Stephen Ward, in reply to the defence barrister putting it to her that one of the men on a certain list, Lord Astor, had denied any involvement with her. The court burst into laughter and the phrase came to be used in various circumstances, helped by the touch of innuendo from the court case.

  4. Ugly things aren't they but these old buildings would not be the same without them.


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