Friday, December 24, 2010

Sin City

I guess it is a good a name as any for Sydney - we have had our share of crime, and there is a good museum down near the Quay. According to

"The Justice & Police Museum served as a policy station to a Court between 1856 to 1886. The museum has been restored to its 1890s character emphasising its themes of crime and punishment and law and order.

The Justice & Police Museum features a magistrates court, a recreated police charge room and remand cells. There is also a gallery of mug shots of Sydney's early criminals and a variety of weapons used during those early years. For those who like the gruesome and the marcarbe, details on notorious crimes such as the Shark Arm Murder, the Pyjama Girl Case and the Graeme Thorne Kidnapping as well as original objects gathered from an assortment of legendary bushrangers"


  1. I went there during the recent Sydney Open. It is engrossing. But VERY time-consuming. Many of the cases are within my memory, and you read and read and listen and listen. A total engross-out.

  2. I just photographed this recently, so will have some shots on my blog soon. :)


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