Thursday, March 18, 2010

Challis House

Challis House is owned by University of Sydney. This beautiful art deco building has the uni crest above the door. The translation of the crest is "The constellation is changed, the disposition is the same". One of the bronze soldiers from the cenotaph is in the foreground.


  1. Yes, this building was on the Art-deco tour I took a couple of weeks ago. The building was willed to the University in 1906 and had to be totally changed in 1938 hence the art-deco influence.

    The lower ground floor of Challis House used to have a very snazzy cocktail bar in the '40s and '50s and this used the glass prism method of lighting that I describe in my post today. One of my photos is along that section of Martin Place.

  2. Such a lovely place. I really like the art deco. The bronze looks quite noble as well.


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