Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sydney Siege Day

Yesterday was a strange and terrible day in Sydney. The siege was nearby and our building was in lockdown. Sirens went non-stop for over an hour and rumours were flying. Things like there was a bomb at the Opera House and the Bridge was closed. The Christmas crowds disappeared and shops started closing. No-one could work with that going on. We all left work early. Then to wake up to the terrible news this morning ... two hostages killed.


  1. It is a sad day for Sydney, for Australia, and for the whole civilized world.
    May it be the last such event for you.
    Your being so near to Lindt Cafe must have been especially terrible. Sympathy to you all from here in Israel.

  2. It was the middle of the night in Sweden when it started, I was awake and I followed it off an on all day. Horrible. Sorry to hear how it ended.

  3. What a horrible day and horrible end.

  4. It started making the news here in the evening. I kept following it while I was online, and what a sad ending... and a horrible day. I can understand the feeling of a strange day with rumours flying- it was much the same here a couple of months back with the gunman who killed that soldier at the Memorial.

  5. Such an anxious day followed by such a sad day.


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