Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pumice on beach

Rocks that float are still on Sydney northern beaches. They are pumice stones - from the largest pumice raft seen in the past 50 years after an underwater volcano erupted off New Zealand in July 2012 form the Havre Seamount, I first noticed them late last year. This one is a Palm Beach. The New Zealand eruption formed a 20,000 sq km raft that eventually spread about 4 million sq km as it broke up. Amazing.


  1. What an immense geological event! And then to see pumice stone within the next year....really amazing indeed.

  2. Mother Nature is interesting indeed and to be able to witness with your own two eyes the works of her wonders is simply rare and fortunate. I must head down to one of the mentioned beaches to uncover exciting findings of my own next.


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