Monday, October 22, 2012

The Strand Arcade at night

The best arcade in Sydney - I was up on the second floor, late at night coming out of La Rosa an Italian Restaurant.


  1. I have received a note from David & Julie Selden (Costa Rica DP and Scottsdale Arizona DP) that they will be in Sydney from Monday to Thursday this week, and would like to meet up.
    They are staying at the Marriott.

    Would you like to/be able to be involved? The only time that fits for me this week is Wednesday evening, and I propose a 530pm meetup time, and down in the same rooftop garden we met before, The Australia was it?

    Shall firm all this up beforehand. I shall write back to David and Julie with this suggestion also.

    Would be good to get together again. Sydney and Paris appear to be the blogging capitals of the world! I have also sent this message to Jim, Ann, Sally, and Jo.

    Warm regards

    0403 704 822


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