Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Number 68

The Swifts is a historic house in the Sydney suburb of Darling Point. The Australian Heritage Commission describe it as "...perhaps the grandest house remaining in Sydney". Swifts was designed by G.E.Morrell and built from 1876-1882 for the brewer, Robert Tooth. It was later acquired by Edmund Resch (another brewer, who left it to the Catholic Church when he died. It became the official residence of the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, but was sold in 1984. It sits in expansive grounds overlooking the harbour. It is now owned by the Moran family. Part of the CDP Theme Day for August - Numbers. click here.


  1. What an impressive history. May time and life continue to treat it kind.

    Please have a good new month.

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  2. great addition to theme day!

  3. how interesting to see the name and number painted on the post.

  4. A very interesting post. I like your choice for this theme day. Thanks for sharing with us all.


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