Monday, June 4, 2012

Barrenjoey Lighthouse Grave

Up at Barrenjoey Lighthouse is this lonely grave of the first lighthouse keeper George Mulhall - his grave said he was struck by lightning but on another plaque it says he died of natural causes. This is the most northern most point in Sydney. Literally the end of the road. It is a hard 30 minute walk up, but the views are spectacular.
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  1. Ooo oo oo I have done that hike up to there, and looked both ways and into the Broken Bay. I agree it is spectacular. But I don't recall the grave, and that is remiss of me, because it looks ready for one to trip over it!

    Interesting that the causes of death contradict each other. I would think that any descendents would want that corrected.

    Thanks for this Peter. Brings back memories of a glorious part of our coastline.

  2. A lighthouse keeper buried by his lighthouse! There is a touch of romance in that concept! Interesting how the plaque is recessed into the grave and surrounded by walls!

  3. Perhaps, a lightning strike was considered natural cause?
    He must be rather lonely up there as it looks like there was enough room for others to join him.

  4. Perhaps lightning is considered natural (causes)? :) Neat post. Thanks.

  5. It is fitting that the grave is isolated as his life most likely was as a lighthouse keeper.

  6. Interesting. I wonder which account of his death is correct.

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  7. what a funy looking grave... with almost a wall around it...

  8. George Mulhall snr died of natural causes, his son George Jnr was struck by lighting they were my great great great, and great great grandfathers

  9. Can anyone remind me of the words of the amusing poem engraved on George Mulhalls tombstone? I did the trek up to the lighthouse some years ago but didn't have a pen & paper to copy it.

    1. "All ye who come my grave to see,
      Prepare in time to follow me,
      Repent at once without delay,
      For I in haste was called away."
      I was there in the 60's. Palm Beach was a popular
      swimming, picnic and barbecue place.

  10. Thank you for your generosity in allowing the use of your photographs. I have 'borrowed' them for my Irish Graves site, on the page of OF IRISH DESCENT at
    Thanks again.


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