Sunday, April 22, 2012

St Vincent's College

This exclusive ladies college is located in the heart of Kings Cross.


  1. I always thought of it as a girls' high school ... exclusive ladies' college ... are you trying out for the vacancy on the Daily Tele?

  2. Were you falling down? Or maybe you dropped the camera? The picture is way out of level.

    You asked about "Fat" Davidson and I left an answer but you may not get it. So here it is.

    His real name was "Clark" Davidson. He was adopted along with his brother and lived with Mrs. Clark, a pioneer woman from Piqua, Ohio who moved, with her husband to Dayton, Ohio and from there to Gordon where I was born. She wrote in her journal that Gordon was a wilderness with plenty of wolves and catamounts and foxes and it was near impossible to keep a vegetable garden without deer or something eating the plants. Anyway, she gave him her married name, "Clark". She said she was in the vegetable garden working when she got word that President Abraham Lincoln had been shot and killed. Those days were long before radio or television. The quickest way to send a message was by Western Union, if you had the money.


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