Saturday, March 3, 2012

NSW Police Force Andrew Scipione

On Wednesday it was the 150th anniversary of the NSW Police Force and the skies cleared for their parade. Here is the Commissioner, Andrew Scipione. Sadly two days later he was travelling to Tamworth because a Police officer was shot and killed.

'POLICE officer David Rixon, a father of six with 20 years' service in the NSW force, has been killed in a shootout sparked by a routine vehicle stop in the state's north.

Police have formally identified Senior Constable Rixon, 40, as the officer who was gunned down on Friday after he pulled a vehicle over in Lorraine St, West Tamworth, just after 8am.' Herald


  1. It was sad news that is for sure.

    I was hoping someone was able to capture this 150 yr celebration. Great shots..

  2. That is sad. Impressive marching line.

  3. It is so horrifying to think of that type of thing happening here. Love the way you have done the marching shot.

  4. I hoped you'd got this. Ashamed to admit I completely forgot. Such sad news about the copper in Tamworth.

  5. Words seem inadequate here.


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