Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Messerschmitt Bubble Car

This cute car is often seen around Avalon. It is a real head turner. It is a Messerschmitt KR175 Made in 1952 at their Regensburg factory in Germany.
It has a 173 cc Fichtel & Sachs air-cooled single cylinder two-stroke engine positioned in front of the rear wheel. It is good to see them out on the streets rather than in a museum.


  1. Very true about not being in a museum, if it works use it, easy to park too I'd say. At least he is up with technology in other ways.

  2. My dad had a bubble car in the late 50s early 60s in the UK. I did once work out which one it was but can't remember not. Not this one.

  3. Oh, I guess you can say that this is a cute classic car. The size gives it the feel of a golf cart, but the overall design seems more like that of a sports car.

  4. Oh, extremely cute! The owner must’ve loved all the attention. No onlooker could’ve let that pass without even a picture. It’s nice to see that kind of car these days. Who would’ve thought that it just came from an RSM project in the 50’s? And now, it’s become a classic! Great!


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