Sunday, October 30, 2011

Entrance sign

The entrance to the Governor's residence. Yes we are still ruled by the crown. Comments?


  1. Not 'residence' but 'office'.

    'Ruled by the crown' is a combative way of expressing it. Many many democracies have a Head of State who is not head of government. It think it serves parliamentary democracy well, to have it balanced in this way. However, the issue of the British crown in this role is problematic. It is not my first choice. However, in 1999 agreement could not be reached on what to replace it with. It all came down to whether the Head of State should be elected directly by the people or appointed by the Commonwealth Parliament. I am fearful of direct election whilst we have computlsory voting. I would not want a footballer, if that was all that he was popular for. I was heartened overnight to learn that the Irish had elected a 'poet' as their next President. However, under their system, only 56% of the electorate voted.

    Yes, I am a republican, but I cannot see any change happening for the next 50 years. And that does not upset me. I would prefer King William than President Lockyer.

  2. Interesting shot! The gold leafed crown really shines.

  3. Republican also, agree that Darren Lockyer would not make a good President (he is a Queenslander) but think that Les Murray might make a good Head Bunyip.

  4. Firstly I really like this shot. Second, I am an apathetic republican ... happy enough to have a republic but didn't like the models put up last time. Things need a really good thinking through before the next attempt.


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