Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Public Library of NSW

The Mitchell library - ON SALE NOW - geez things must be crook!


    No way...that was really hanging there?! Priceless:D
    (They sure know how to ruin the look of a beautiful building;))

  2. Ha ha. Great banner. Wonder what's that's all about.

  3. On Sale! Shops & Shopping

    8 August 2011 – 30 October 2011
    Exhibition Galleries

    Shops are central to everyday life - wherever people have settled, retailing has followed. Originally we shopped only from necessity; these days it's a leisure activity and a form of entertainment.

    After the First Fleet landed at Sydney Cove, traditional methods of exchange took over as consumer demand quickly outstripped the scope of government provisioning. The first markets were set up on the harbour foreshore, moving steadily west as settlement expanded.

    Our modes of shopping have changed over time from general stores and street hawkers, to the stylish arcades and grand department stores of our cities, and the sprawl of the modern suburban shopping mall. This evolution continues today with online retail and the recent 'pop-up' shop phenomenon.

    The way we shop influences the way we eat, dress and live, and also plays an important role in our economy.


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