Friday, November 12, 2010

Victor Chang Institute

One of the sad stories of Sydney.
Victor Chang born in Shanghai of Australian born Chinese parents came to Australia in 1953, studied medicine at Sydney University and became a an intern and later became a famous Cardiothoracic surgeon at St Vincents Hospital (at the back of his eponymous institute). He was a pioneer of modern heart transplants in Australia. On 4 =July 1991 on his way to work he was shot dead in a failed extortion attempt. This heart research unit is a fitting legacy.


  1. What a sad story - but good that he is remembered in this way. It would make a great movie. Thanks for your interesting blog.

  2. It was a sad ending for a great man. I didn't know about the statue.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. Victor Chang was a great man and wonderful doctor

    We at the Victor Chang Institute thank everyone for their support throughout the years

    if you would like to be be kept up to date on whats been happening at the institute please email your name and address to us at we also do tours of the institute if you would like to come and visit us please call us on 02 9295 8600

  4. It was a tragic and pointless action and the loss of a great man. I haven't seen the statue either. Mind you the only time I've been to St Vinnies was in an ambulance and it was dark when I left.


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