Friday, July 23, 2010

Darlinghurst Courthouse

This is detail from a great old colonial building the NSW Supreme Court. Up along Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. The Darlinghurst Court House was built in 1835 and is still in operation today. Designed in the Greek revival architectural style like many of Sydney's important buildings.

Also back from holidays on the NSW North Coast just a few degrees warmer. It is always a dilemma about posting in advance - obviously bored the pants off any viewers with my Lions Club series. If I may divert from Sydney and post one of my North Coast pictures here is one of the many beaut sunsets.


  1. Love the sunset, so post off-topic as much as you like. I do.

    Not sure that 1835 is right for either this building or for its function. It might be about the date that Governor Bourke decided to do something. I think it more likely that the date it was finished and started to be used as a court-house is closer to 1841 which is also about the time that the old gaol down at CQ transferred up to this gaol and the old military barracks down at Wynyard transferred out to Paddington.

  2. Welcome back, and yes glad for a change from the Lion's Club. That Sunset is fantastic.

  3. Welcome home, Peter. The Lions Club is better than nothing but it's good you are back and off to a very nice start to-day.

  4. Wonderful sunset ! ...very beautiful : )

  5. Thanks, good to be back blogging!
    Thanks Julie, not sure where I got the date.
    Sorry Joan, only have another 150 Lions shots for my next holiday in September!
    Agree Bruce - better than nothing new.
    Thanks Boom - the sunsets against Mt Warning were superb.

  6. Hope you had a nice holiday. Sunset is lovely and the court house has had a clean up since I lived there.

  7. Glad you are back with new images!


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