Friday, June 18, 2010

Hang Gliding

The other day I went Tandem Hang Gliding above Stanwell Park with a friend, we jumped off Bald Hill strapped together and soared out over the ocean, back into the cliffs before landing on the beach. We were in the air for about half an hour and my friend says he sometimes soars alongside sea eagles.


  1. Wow Peter, that must gave been thrilling. Your a braver man than me.

  2. How cool is that. And you had a camera with you ... I'd be too busy hanging on tight.

  3. And you are still alive, great stuff.

  4. I was there many times when I lived in Sydney! Especially loved going there on a Sunday when there was such a variety of people! But I was only a watcher! Fantastic photo of the view below!

  5. Beautiful photo!
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  6. Thank you Peter, You got up there, We have a look from here..and it is superb !!!!

  7. Marvellous picture. Lucky to enjoy this view for half on hour!

  8. Wow, that must have been fun.

  9. No way! That is awesome! You are very brave and very calm to take a photo too.


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